Painkiller Feels The Weight Of The Crown In ‘EP’ Spotted At Billboard

Painkiller Feels The Weight Of The Crown In 'EP' Spotted At Billboard

Painkiller Feels The Weight Of The Crown In 'EP' Spotted At Billboard

Controversial Songster Painkiller Imarn is the stage name of Wisdom Aboasika, he react to his fans reactions for his EP starring on Billboard Release Calendar of Upcoming Albums.

Wise Records will dropped a royally intriguing new anticipated upcoming EP “where will i be.”

Painkiller’s new music is going to land in 2019, the songster has confirmed. Fans of the wise records king have been waiting for what feels like eternity for some new songs, but don’t sweat – we’ve got all the info on Painkiller’s EP right here.
Painkiller is releasing a new EP in 2019 and we are READY.

After unleashing his bangers, Painkiller has dominated the charts worldwide with hits including the juggernaut Zuma-assisted ‘Adwoa’, ‘Honey’ and many more. Also featuring on a number of chart-topping singles.


Painkiller Feels The Weight Of The Crown In 'EP' Spotted At Billboard 1


What Painkiller’s new EP called?

While the official title of Painkiller’s studio album is currently unknown, fans have been affectionally calling it ‘Works of God’.

During an interview with Markk Radio, Painkiller confirmed that he does not yet have a title for the album, but joked that he’s considering naming it ‘Works of God’ thanks to the name his loyal fans have given it.

“I’m about to call it that probably, ’cause they have haunted me with this ‘Works of God, Works of God, when is ‘Works of God’ coming out?’” he said. “How will I accept another name after that’s been burned into my skull?”
But unfortunately it’s “Where will i be”

When will Painkiller’s new EP be released?

In June 2019, Painkiller shared a video of himself in the studio at 5:40am, and trolled her fans with the caption. he wrote, “Behind the scenes of ‘Where’s the EP?'”

Then, at the beginning of August, reports emerged claiming that a “big male star” has allegedly been booked from some of the biggest late night talk shows in the Ghana for an “unprecedented TV takeover” on Thursday, 8th August. Fans were soon convinced this was ‘kill it’ himself.

The singer has reportedly rented out the entirety of the exclusive Golden Gate Hotel, which is located just off the Liberia Camp of Accra Winneba highway, where musicians can record their music in a secluded environment.

In March 2019, Painkiller’s Manger Mr. Zuma teased that the album was completely finished as he took some of his new signed act to the studio.

Before the end of January 2019, Painkiller’s Manger Mr. Zuma confirmed to Ghana radio station that his new album is almost finished. “he’s cooking, he’s about done,” he said. “he’s about done. Super close.”

Painkiller also teased a video of him in the studio recording new music, where a snippet of his vocals can be heard.

In December 2018, Painkiller confirmed that the album will be releasing in 2019. “But when is the EP dropping? Can we have a release date for that?”

“2019,” Painkiller replied, sending fans into a frenzy.

In April 2018, reports surfaced that Painkiller is currently working on not just EP, but album too – one full of “chart-friendly songs”, and another comprised of “moody and experimental tracks” – and may release them as a double-disc album.

On 15th June 2018, during an interview on Testimony Fm, Painkiller revealed that he is currently working on new music. “I am actually in the studio at the moment,” he said. When they asked him if the album was coming in time for Christmas, she replied “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

On 24th August, Painkiller teased fans with some snapshots of himself appearing to be recording something. At the time the photos were taken, Painkiller was rumoured to be in string personal and work commitments.

Could this be the beginnings of #”Where will i be”? And is it going to have a Gospel vibe?. Painkiller in the studio

What songs are going to be on Painkiller’s new album?

No tracklist has been confirmed yet.

In her June 2019 cover interview for Underground Tv, Painkiller confirmed that his EP will be a Gospel EP. He confirmed this once again during his interview with Testimony Fm, The shows included a question and answer session with fans, and a set that included reworked versions of “Segneiur,” “Agony,” a rare performance of “I love you papa God” and a beautiful rendition of his song “What a world we living in,” inspired by a fan who asked.
The record will be influenced by Gospel and World music lovers

Painkiller Feels The Weight Of The Crown In 'EP' Spotted At Billboard 2


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