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If Dreams Come True, I Will Be Crowned King 1day — Cjay Rokoto

If Dreams Come True, I Will Be Crowned King 1day -- Cjay Rokoto

Before my beloved dad passed on, I use to have a dream of me been crowned a king by some people I have never met in real life, the dream went on for sometime, I had no option than to tell him (my dad). He refused to tell me whatsoever because he thinks am still young to know that story..
So I decide to speak with his mummy ( my grandmother ) about it, because the thing was bordering me. The only thing she also told me was that, her later husband ( my grandfather ) was from a royal family, that his grandfather was a king and my grandfather her later husband was next to be crowd immediately his daddy passed on, but due to education, he!, my grandfather had to come to the city Accra, that is where they met.
Fast forward….
My grandmother passed on after telling me this..!
So a few months after her burier,
I had to force my Dad to continue from where my late grandmother ends, he was not that happy to speak, but suddenly he agreed to let the cat out of the box,
He then told me everything I need to know. I mean everything!. And he added, “THEY WILL COME FOR YOU IN DUE TIME”.
We then decided and came in conclusion to visit his village Ejumaku besease in central region Ghana on the next Monday, 12th June exactly (a week time). I was soo happy am finally going to meet my people,. But on the Wednesday 14th june, something happened and daddy was rush to the Ghanaian police hospital, yes police hospital because he was a police man before….
Soo sad Dad passed on the next day 15th June thursday.
We weren’t able to visit Ejumaku besease as we agreed, because, he was the only person who knows there,
As am speaking with you now, am still trying my possible best to locate my Extended family out there.
Am proud of where am truly from, although I don’t know there, but I believe and pray that, one beautiful day God will lead me to this people before I passed on, (Amen).
And am going to make sure the world knows when I found them,
Not forgetting what my late Dad told me, ” THEY WILL COME FOR YOU IN DUE TIME”. I still stand with this words, Rest in Peace Dad, we still love you, till we meet again… I hope one day am going to write a song about you.

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