Pope Skinny Exposes Shatta Wale Again;This Time On Stonebwoy’s Success

Pope Skinny Exposes Shatta Wale Again;This Time On Stonebwoy’s Success

The former Linguist and right-hand man of the self-acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale who was sacked from the Shatta Movement family a few weeks ago, Pope Skinny it appears is still seeking revenge against his former boss.

Pope Skinny has just revealed that Shatta Wale all along jealous Stonebwoy and desperately wish to be like him. Pope Skinny further described Stonebwoy as the most hardworking Dancehall Artist in Africa and begged him to stay focused and not get distracted by Shatta Wale’s jealous jabs.

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Pope Skinny posted on his Snapchat handle, “Big Up Urself #StoneBoy. You Working Hard Than Any DanceHall Artist In Africa And God Will Bless Your Hustle. My Humble Advice Is That Dnt Be Distracted By Anyone “Keep Focus” They Wish They Were In Your Shoes. Trust Me When I Say This Because I Kno”.

Pope Skinny’s exposé comes at the time Shatta Wale has started another needless beef with Stonebwoy. Stonebwoy is in Jamaica doing big moves. He has been seen recording with some of the big names in Jamaica.

But Shatta Wale for some reason chose to throw jabs at him on Twitter back in Ghana. According to Shatta Wale, collaborating with all the musicians in the world does not make you the best in the game. This jab was made to downplay Stonebwoy’s efforts.

But in a quick reply, Stonebwoy called on his fans to ignore Shatta Wale because even if he walks on water, Shatta Wale will say it’s because he can’t swim.

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