A/R: Ghana immigration service is very weak and needed to be dissolved – Concern Youth Citizen Of Ghana.

Following the COVID 19, which has led to the closing down all borders of the country, but yet Ghanaians still hear and see foreigners coming into the country.
Wisdom Amewudzo,a concern Citizen of Ghana,on an interview with the Media said, Ghana cases will keep on multiplying rapidly from time to time and will also harbour terrorists in the country if our Immgration Service and customs Service are not dissolved in the country right with immediate effect.
Wisdom Amewudzo a concern Citizen of Ghana, explained to the Media that,On no account should a Ghanaian citizen sleep deeply or say Ghana is a save country, because our borders are not saved and, we Ghanaians are disappointed in the people whom we trusted and think they can do the job for us by guiding our borders.
Again said,it is now stated clearly that they have totally failed their job as Immgration Service and Customs Service that is why the government has deployed Military men and Police Service to team up with them on the border zone.
We the Citizens of the country will not allow that to happen since some of us has enough evidence to state clearly.
Even at all, Ghanaians have it in memory and on records of the 40 people from Benin caught in one room during the locked down era.
After series of Investigation they claimed to be I.T and internet technicians.
Again a certain cocaine saga in line with Narcotics Control and Immgration Service.
We will one of these days sleep and wake totally burnt to ashes in our own country by terrorists because of someone’s greediness.
Bringing his message to an end, Wisdom Amewudzo said, Jehovah God is looking at all services at post appointed by the government, but from now on, anybody paid by the government to be at post and tried to benefit himself by doing anything besides what the government has asked him or her to do, we as a good Citizen of Ghana are setting the records straight that we are with schnapps together with eggs straight to Antoa goddess and Thunder god to strike him or her down.

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