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Conflict (Chieftaincy) Between Nana Essel Amoquandoh VIII And Nana Essel Amoqundoh III

The traditional council last week dismissed an appeal by Nana Essel Amoquandoh VIII and Nana Kojo Otoo to distool  Nana Essel Amoquandoh III,King of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba.

Nana Essel Amoquandoh III, together with the plaintiffs, Nana Essel AmoquandohVIII  were  in the court seeking it to declare null and void a contempt application against them for flouting the orders of the traditional council

The board members of the traditional council ordered for a re-trial, for the plaintiffs to commence a fresh action for destoolment provided they conform to the normal legal and customary requirements with an entirely new panel and also support their points with vivid evidence.

In an interview with Riddimsghana.com,  Nana Essel Amoquandoh the king said “anyone who needs a land for a project should not hesitate to come to his palace. Nana Essel Amoquandoh III  also pleaded with the government to come to their aid because they need market, school , lorry station, police station and many more. Adding that the MP for Gomoa East has totally ignored his community .

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