I Help Ladies Charm Rich Men For Cash – Mama Gee Confesses

I Help Ladies Charm Rich Men For Cash – Mama Gee Confesses

I Help Ladies Charm Rich Men For Cash – Mama Gee Confesses

Mama Gee, a seller of sexual enhancement products has shockingly revealed that she help young ladies charm rich men in the country in return for cash reason some rich men cannot let go off ladies they are dating.

She stressed that there is nothing wrong for ladies to use charms during sexual intercourse in order to get bundles of money from rich men who are stingy.

Explaining how the charms work, she said her products upgrade women’s private parts to ‘sweetness’ different from other women where they become irresistible to their partners.

Mama Gee juxtaposed cooking to the woman’s private parts where spices are garnished to make it tasty and that women need some charm to smear on their private parts and faces to receive the cheques, houses, traveling, cars they dream of among other things.

According to her, it’s not so simple for rich men to simply give out their monies to ladies they have unbridled sex with and that ladies need to device other means to get monies from men for their upkeep and businesses.

Mama Gee observed that some men are stingy and will never offer help to women they have sex with saying women need some form of help like the ones she sells to get what they want from men.

She said majority of men freely give out their monies when their wives and girlfriends are able to satisfy them in bed.

The Aphrodisiac seller said people get their monies through different means including sex and that it’s normal for women to use charm to get money from their partners.

In an interview with SVTV Africa sighted by MyNewsGh.com, she explained, ‘My products upgrade women’s private parts to a higher level where it becomes sweet. It’s just like cooking and adding spices to it. Good pussy is spiced pussy with Mama Gee’s products, he will eats again, signs cheques, buy you the car you want and set up a business for you’.

While stressing that women who use her products publicly come out with testimonies, she urged that one needs to pray over her products after buying to receive whatever she/he wants.

‘You just pray over the herbs and ask God to touch your partner’s heart. Favour can locate you in all angle and in all aspects of life,’ She added.

She emphasized that her products are not aimed at making young girls lazy but it’s a means to reach their targets in life without suffering.

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