Up & Close With Michael Adu (Kasa Kutia)


Up & Close With Michael Adu (Kasa Kutia)

Michael Adu known in showbiz as ‘Kasa Kutia’  released a song earlier in January this year with the title ‘S3 Obi B3y3 Woa’ with Kay Psalms. In interview with Riddimsghana.com boss ‘DeeJay Wonder’, Kasa Kutia was asked the motive behind this song and this what he said .

” The concept talks about how people treat you as if they love your effort, not knowing they are the one planning evil against you. In this life, those you share your ideas with rather kills you gradually, he feather went on to promise his fans to give them nothing but the best of real music within this year and beyond and finally he has dropped another one.

Up & Close With Michael Adu (Kasa Kutia)

Michael Adu was asked why he choose ‘Kasa Kutia’ as showbiz name?, he explained it this way;

‘The name was given to him by his uncle because, he always speak the truth straight forward , and looking at how he do his music even fit the name ‘Kasa Kutia’.


Michael Adu started doing music for some years now , but by then he didn’t take it seriously because he’s a business man. But for now he’s 100% ready to entertainment his fans whiles he still do his businesses .

Up & Close With Michael Adu (Kasa Kutia) 1

Michael Adu is out with a brand new song which he call ‘Dokor Dokor’ which simple means ‘Sweet’, just imaging how the song will be with such title ?. Mr Bombastic was on the featuring side with his sweet romantic voice as the song title and DaBeatzGod was the master brain behind production works.


Enjoy Kasa Kutia songs below

Kasa Kutia ft Kay Psalms – S3 Obi B3y3 Woa (Prod by DatBeatGod)



Kasa Kutia Ft Mr Bombastic – Dokor Dokor (Prod by Dat BeatGod)


Written by DeeJay – Wonder

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