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Meet one of the disciples of Jesus Christ who is said to be from Africa

Many individuals probably found out about St Mark, yet very few individuals know that he was an African. Truly he was!

St Mark was brought into the world in the city of Cyrene in Pentapolis, the western piece of Libya, west of the outskirt of Egypt, The African History reports

He was conceived of Jewish guardians three years after the introduction of Jesus Christ and kicked the bucket on April 25, 68 AD, in Alexandria, Egypt.

St Mark, who was one of the seventy devotees of Jesus Christ shipped off lecture the gospel in Judea, was the writer of the Gospel of Mark, the second book of the New Testament.

He was said to have established the Church of Alexandria, one of the main episcopal sees of early Christianity.

St Mark was brought into the world in the city of Cyrene in Pentapolis.

St Mark’s banquet day is commended on April 25, and his image is the winged lion.

Elsewhere in the world, much is thought about Yoruba etymologist and the primary African Anglican cleric in Nigeria, Ajayi Crowther, who made an interpretation of the holy book into Yoruba language, yet little is thought about where the holy book is kept.

The Bible is as of now being kept in the main story working in Nigeria which is arranged in the Badagry zone of Lagos state.

Nigeria’s first story building was worked by Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (CMS). The establishment of the structure was laid in 1842 and the house was finished in 1845.

The primary story building is a vacation spot which likewise has a well that is known as the otherworldly well.


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