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VIDEO: Twins Shares Story Of How They Fell In Love And Got Married

The world is indeed coming to an end as each day that passes comes with its own abnormal and absurd information and happens that is very odd and had to believe.

In the latest addition to the number of abnormal and abominable incidents happening all over the world has shown twins ie a male and female who fell in love and got married.

The female twin who is unashamed about her behavior took to social media to share the story of how she fell in love with her twin brother which ended in them getting married.

She added that they were ostracised by their amazing link with their peers and friends and finally their parents threw them out and disowned them. They later got married and no one turned up at their wedding as planned (we don’t know whether a priest officiated it).

She further revealed that they now have a child together and are living very happily without any issues.




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