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Wife kills husband for receiving a phone call from another woman

A jealous wife has reportedly killed her husband on suspicion that he’s cheating on her with other ladies in the community.

The lady who has been identified as Queen Beatrice carried out this heinous act at Ondo State in Nigeria.

According to a source that broke the news, Queen Beatrice killed her husband after he had answered a phone call which she believed was from another woman.

It is said that she hit the deceased who has also been identified as Emmanuel Ikujuni, with a plank during an argument over the said phone call.

The source explained that the woman had flared up after the deceased received a call from the lady whom she suspected to be her husband’s girlfriend.

Following the ensuing arguments, the couple engaged in a fight during which Beatrice picked up a plank and hit her husband on the head.

Emmanuel gave up his ghost after he was rushed to a nearby hospital by some of his neighbours.

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