Car snatching gang led by an alleged soldier in uniform arrested during operation – Video

A video of a car snatching gang led by an alleged soldier in uniform has landed on the internet after they were nabbed by policemen in the course of a failed operation.

The notorious car snatchers who are four in number including the alleged soldier stormed one of the highways to snatch a car from anyone they deem weak.

God being so great, nemesis caught up with them after they tried to vamoose with a car they had snatched from a victim.

The police officers on the highway were immediately given a tip-off which after that, they mounted a strong barrier to conduct a rigorous search.

The car thieves were arrested after the police officers spotted them in the car which has been declared missing just a few hours ago.

Some social media users who strongly believe that the thief in the military uniform is a professional have asserted that he is the fruit of the opaque recruitment into the security services of Ghana.

Watch the video below to know more…

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