Exploding hoverboard battery fire leaves Smethwick mum in coma

An exploding hoverboard battery caused a “horrific” fire which has left a disabled woman seriously ill in hospital.

Jacqueline Barrett has been placed in an induced coma after being rescued from the property in Smethwick.

The 54-year-old who has multiple sclerosis and heart problems was in her downstairs bedroom when the fire took hold, West Midlands Fire Service said.

Her son is warning people to take extra care when charging electrical devices.

The fire service said the lithium-ion battery exploded spewing its molten contents across the living room, setting it alight.

Shane Johnson, 34, who cares for his mother, said she had called him “moments after it happened, to say there’d been some sort of explosion”.

He said: “I called my dad and some friends. Some got there before me, and dad had tried to kick the door in to get to mum, but the heat from the fire was just too much.

“My mum’s really ill in hospital. The fire and smoke damage to the house is just unbelievable,” he added.

Fire crews responded to the incident, which happened on Stony Lane just after 17:00 GMT on Saturday, and she was taken to hospital.

A fire investigator has confirmed the fire started accidentally as the hoverboard was being charged in the house.


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