Read what was found in Leticia’s diary days after her [email protected]

As at now, it is not very clear if she committed suicide or worse murdered by someone else.

The beautiful lady was found hanging [email protected] in the school dining hall by fellow students on Monday, May 17, 2021 around 9:45 pm.

Read what was found in Leticia's diary days after her de@th

The family believe heard it was caused by other people and not suicide.

Just this morning, a diary belived to be owned by the deceased was recovered and contained some chilly notes.

In one of the pages she wrote ,she was unhappy because she couldn’t trust the people around her.

In another line she wrote that she had a very self esteem because she was not beautiful.

Before her death, Leticia Kyere was a final year Junior High School (JHS) student who was preparing for the upcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE).


Her death has raised concerns about the safety and mental health of Ghanaian students.

Read the note below.

what was found in Leticia's diary

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