Port stakeholders warned over new UK coronavirus variant

Dr. Vitus Victor Anaab-Bisi, General Manager in Charge of Health Services at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), has cautioned port users and Ghanaians to adhere strictly to the Covid-19 preventive protocols.

Speaking on GPHA’s Eye on Port program, he implored port stakeholders to be extra careful not to attract the new variant originating from the United Kingdom which is more fatally potent.

“I cross-check with Noguchi and they could confirm that the British variant is here and that is what is accounting for most of the new cases now,” he disclosed.

He said Ghanaians would have to wake up from the complacent posture taken during the later periods of 2020, when it seemed the virus was not as dangerous as feared.

“In March, people used to be eager to know how to protect themselves and their families and took a lot of interest in the preventive protocols. Along the line people started relaxing,” he recounted.

Dr. Anaab-Bisi revealed that the number of recorded infections in Ghana peaked in June 2020 with the GPHA Clinic in Tema, where he works, recording 175 positive cases of the 568 samples taken.

However, due to interventions taken at the port and more importantly by government nationwide, the infection rate started to drop, only for January this year to begin seeing increased numbers.

In addition to a general complacent posture, the medical expert attributed the increased numbers to the festive period as well as the political season experienced in December 2020.

Dr. Anaab Bisi hinted that it may be time to reconsider restrictions on movements of persons in the hotspots of Accra, Tema and Kumasi.

He said while the decision is being contemplated, the government should endeavour to apply deterrent punishment to non-compliant members of the public to increase enforcement of protocols.

He also advised sick people to first visit hospitals for testing and treatment at early detection instead of seeking alternative care in places such as faith-based institutions.

Source: business24.com.gh

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