He did it three times in his room and a farm – Kulpi JHS sodomy victim tells how his teacher raped him

Natomah Otabil is facing two counts of sodomy and having unnatural canal knowledge

One of his victims says he was sexually abused by his teacher on three occasions

The mathematics teacher has been arrested for sodomising sixteen boys in his school

One of 16 victims sodomised by their teacher at Kulpi Senior High School in the West Gonja Municipality has stated that he was abused by the accused on three occasions.

Natomah Otabil was arrested by the police in Salaga on Monday, September 27, 2021, when it emerged that he had sexually abused some nine boys in his school. The number of victims later rose to 16 after more of his students came out as having been sodomised by the mathematics teacher.

In an interview with Adom News monitored by GhanaWeb, one of the victims disclosed that the teacher had anal sex with him on three different occasions.

The student whose identity was not disclosed, stated that the first two incidents happened in the room of his teacher while the last one occurred on a farm.

“When he is doing it, it’s as if he is joking. Because the way that man is, he can play with you anyhow. So, he will remove my trouser and start doing it, and start raping me. That is how it happened,” the student stated.

Another victim who spoke to Adom News said he had to endure a lot of pain anytime his teacher had sex with him.

The Salaga police says it has proffered 18 charges against the teacher categorised into two counts. He is charged with defilement and having unnatural canal knowledge based on the ages of the victims.



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