NSMQ2021: Presec Supporters Cry Foul Play After Prempeh College Won.

Three schools combat it out at the just finished 2021 edition of the yearly Science and Maths Quiz.

The schools that came to the finals were Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School, Premper College and Keta Senior High School.

During the initial two rounds, Presbyterian Boys Senior High School  was driving with 26 points while Prempeh College had 21 and Ketasco had 13 points.

All things considered, during the fifth round, where the hopefuls needed to address the “issue of the day”, Prempeh’s screen abruptly locked and for 15 seconds they couldn’t tackle the inquiry. This made the Quiz Mistress, Dr Kaufman give them additional 15 seconds to tackle questions making it feasible for them to get the full 10 imprints.

Toward the finish of the challenge, Prempeh College got 53 points with Presbyterian Boys Senior High School and KETASCO getting 49 and 30 points individually.

Responding to this, a few enthusiasts of PRESEC cried treachery as they blamed Prempeh College for intentionally disrupting their board.

We wish every one of the schools that came to the finals. Particularly Keta Senior High since it’s their first time.


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