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Khaligragh Now The Best Rapper In Africa

Khaligragh is now the best rapper in Africa no doubts he deserves it.

According to the rapper wether they like it or not that is how it is why because he has been given the award and they have passed it together with his management.

According to the rapper , if we should talk about best Rapper in  Africa, then it’s all the way coming from the  Eastern part Africa.

As the rapper continue with his speech he was asked a question and he replied by saying why do they still ask him they are not making money.

In reply to the question he said this means there is a problem either it’s the Management or may be he himself has decided to fair.

According to the best rapper in Africa he said if you want to make music for charity it’s ok and that they will accept.

Watch video:

Source: Riddimsghana

Stephen Ansah

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