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A Guy Ch00ped Me In His Car And I Loved It – Rose Of Date Rush Says

Just like the popular saying, everyone has a skeleton in his or her cupboard. Some people tend to reveal their secrets and some deeps things about them that are not necessarily meant to be shared. This is the story of one of the participants of TV3 ‘s reality show, Date rush.
Some of the ladies who came on the reality show, Date Rush have been feeding the public with some gist about themselves and some sensitive information about their life. In an interview with X andy Camel on the Xandy show, one of the girls from date rush, Rose has made a shocking revelation about herself.

Rose who came to TV3’s Date Rush has revealed to Xandy Kamel in an interview that one of his numerous guys she dated in the past chopped her in his car.

According to her, one of the places she enjoys having sex is in a car. When asked if she can sleep with another man in order to take care of her broke boyfriend, she responded in the affirmative with a condition that if she truly loves her broken boyfriend.

Recall that Rose of Date Rush would be remembered or went viral on social media after she disclosed on the show that she does not pick a commercial bus locally called trotro because of her class. She disclosed that she has been riding in a private commercial car called Uber since 2016. This comes after the date she got on the reality show complained about her love for money and unnecessary spendings.


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