A leaked chat of a girl who was allegedly chopped by three guys

Twitter users descends on a lady for allowing three guys to chop her falaa after her boyfriend bought her two iPhones.

There is a story trending on twitter with a beautiful Ghanaian lady called ‘Annie’, who allegedly offered herself to be used by three men when her boyfriend was busily spending on her.

The screenshots of the girl was leaked by ‘Kwadwo Piano’, one of the guys who allegedly had affair with the Annie girl. The guy is said to live in Kumasi while Annie is also in Accra.

According to Kwadwo Piano, ‘Beno’, who happened to be the serious boyfriend of Annie, bought an iPhone 7plus for the girl but damaged it upon little misunderstanding. Thereafter, Beno also bought another brand new iPhone for Annie but she was still cheating on him.

In one of the leaked screenshots chat between Annie and Kwadwo Piano, Annie told him she had no feelings for Beno but was with him due to the help she was getting from Beno.

screenshot 20210319 161719 twitter3089039998506085963

Another chat was also leaked by Kwadwo Piano with Annie, which really proved they had an affair together as they talked naughty about how they both enjoyed themselves during their intercourse.

screenshot 20210319 161950 twitter2296024080380960242

However, it has also been allegedly that, Annie is two years older than Kwadwo Piano.

The alleged three guys who Annie played on were Kwadwo Piano, Essel and one Gyata Shoa, alongside with the main boyfriend Beno.

screenshot 20210319 163054 twitter2948784808811653463

The unregretted Annie, backed her actions claiming girls who cheats in a relationship is not only because of money. She used Adebayor as an excuse when the rich footballer’s girlfriend cheated on him.

screenshot 20210319 162030 twitter2267017791168884720

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