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“Adu Sarfowaa Is Now Possessed By Demons” – Former Manager Wildly Alleges

Adu Sarfowaa’s former career manger, Mr Isaac Rockson, has wildly alleged that the actress is now passed by powerful demons reason for her sudden bizarre and barbaric behaviour.

On his authority, Adu Sarfowaah is now a strong agent of the devil so her attacks on Dr Kwaku Oteng should not be taken seriously because they are all the works of Satan.

In an interview Speaking on Kingdom Plus 101.9Fm, Mr Isaac Rockson additionally asserted that aside from being completely controlled by demons she is also suffering from mental sickness and needs medical intention.

In other news, troublesome Adu Sarfowaa authored a distrusting post on her IG which with strings of allegations against DR Kwaku Oteng for sleeping with all the ladies that featured in the viral Adonko advert.


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