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Afia Schwarzenegger goes dirty on Twene Jonas again on social media

Controversial presenter Afia Schwarzenegger has gone hard on Twene Jonas again this time around addressing the issue of having a snake in her QAS mineral water.

The two have for some weeks now being at the neck of each other with each one of them dropping wild allegations against each other.

Readers would remember that days ago, Afia Schwar claimed she has reported Twene Jonas to the US embassy in Ghana because he entered the United States illegally and has overstayed his welcome.

After that allegation, Twene Jonas went silent until he surfaced a few hours ago saying he has been busy working on other things hence his silence on social media.

He also revealed that some sources have informed him that Afia Schwarzenegger has a snake in one of the tanks she uses in making her QAS mineral water.

According to him, he heard that and many more from a trusted source who revealed to him that customers who drink the water are unknowingly giving their destiny to Afia Schwar.

Jones went ahead to say that instead of the government dealing with that allegations they are rather concentrating on brutalizing the citizens.

Well, Afia has reacted to that allegation and has given fans a tour around the factory to prove to people that there is no snake anywhere.

Watch the video below:



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