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Akrobeto shares his experience with a prostitute

In emulating the ‘Good Samaritan’, Akrobeto had a startling experience with an unidentified lady who turned out to be a prostitute.

The actor during one of his errands decided to extend a helping hand to a lady who was standing by the road side as he thought it was life threatening to be stationed there alone considering how late it was.

Akwasi Boadi, as the actor is known in private life said the incident happened when he was returning from the American Embassy.

“I saw this nice lady with a bag. It was dark; I thought she needed a car to take her to her destination,” he recalled. “I stopped, opened the gate and she sat in the car. I asked her where she’s heading to and why she’s all alone in the dark.”

To his surprise, Akrobeto said the lady replied: “I’m going to your house.”

Despite explaining he is a married man and only wanted to do her a favour, she refused to let him go as she insisted he takes her to a hotel or have sex in the car.

“She told me we can even do it in the car. I told her I can’t do that. She retorted she’s not ready to step out of the car,” he recounted. “I realized I had to save my image so I dipped my hand into my pocket and gave her GH¢50.”

Akrobeto made these statements on Real News on UTV.





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