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“All Is Not Well With You If Your Best Food Is Beans” –Nigerian Lady Asserts

Food is very important to everybody, it will be very difficult for a man to live without food.

All the hustling that we do daily, is to put food on our table.

Several kinds of food are being enjoyed across Africa; from Jollof to Fufu, TZ, Eba and many others.

Many people struggle to afford some of these kinds of food because they are do not have enough money to buy them out there in the restaurants because they tend to be somewhat expensive, and it takes a lot to prepare them at home.

One that is relatively affordable and mostly enjoyed in Nigeria and Ghana, is Beans and Gari.

Ghanaians and Nigerians enjoy that food a lot.

Whiles others go for it because it is all they can afford, others do because they just like it.

They could afford any other but their love for Beans and Gari makes them go for it.

Beans and Gari have become topical owing to a comment about it by a Nigerian lady known as Ifeoluwa that is likely to cause some outrage amongst lovers of that food.

According to Ifeoluwa, anyone that has beans as their best food is, in her words, “a mad person”.

She might just be joking around with it but somethings are not to be played with and calling a person “mad” for making food like beans their best leaves much to be desired.

Ifeoluwa wrote this on Twitter:

If beans is your best food, you are a mad person.”

As to why she said this, everyone’s guess is right at this moment.

So, as a beans lover, what would you tell Ifeoluwa if you meet her this moment? Share with us.

See he post below;

“All Is Not Well With You If Your Best Food Is Beans” –Nigerian Lady Asserts 2

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