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Cecilia Marfo’s “Washa wa say” Goes Global As Chelsea Players Jam To It – Video

Cecilia Marfo must be overwhelmed right now because she did not put out new music but she is number one with the hits.

Her unintentional actions has put her all over the internet and we are not mad at it!

She innocently sung a couple songs very wrongly and has been trending but this takes the cake.

She is funny without even trying and D.K.B must be shaking right now because he couldn’t even if he tried so hard.


Her singing of the gospel song “What shall I say unto the Lord, All I have to say is Thank you Lord” has been so funny to the internet especially because of her adlibs.

“Fire ko w’akyi kakra” and “wo nai naa” have become popular phrases on some Ghanaian lips and people have remixed her words into a whole new song.

She has a dance challenge going on and many have hopped on the trend to make videos especially on Tiktok.

There was a trending video of Chelsea players dancing to the song and many thought it was the original until their reality was crushed.

It looked so real but this was just an old video of Chelsea players that someone synced the music with so effortlessly.


Any untrained eye and ear will actually believe they danced to it because of its synchronicity. Look how well put together it is.


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