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Charterhouse CEO Urges Entertainment Journalists To Stop Dwelling On Negativity

The CEO of Charterhouse, organisers of the Ghana Music Awards, Theresa Ayoade, has charged entertainment journalists to write positive things about the creative arts if they want the industry to grow.

Speaking at a Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Town Hall which came off at the offices of the Creative Arts Agency on Friday, November 12, Theresa Ayoade said the entertainment journalists should stop focusing on the negatives.

“There is so much going on in the creative arts industry that entertainment journalists can project on their various platforms but instead they focus on the negative things and write on them.”

How can the industry move forward if we continue to do these kinds of things? I will plead with the entertainment journalists, especially the bloggers, to do away with that,” she said.

From left; Sadiq Abdulai Abu (CEO of 3 Music Networks), Theresa Ayoade (CEO, Charterhouse Ghana), Ruddy Kwakye (CEO, Rave Group), Mantse Aryeequaye (Director, Chale Wote Street Arts Festival) and Joel Nettey (World President & Chairman of the International Advertising Association) at the forum.

Apart from addressing reportage on the creative arts industry, Theresa Ayoade also spoke on the telenovela trend on TV saying they had led to the collapse of educative content.

“We had very beautiful television series on our screens but today the soap operas have taken over everything and the annoying thing is the translation of these telenovelas into Akan language to gain wider audiences.”

“We need to do away with that and bring back our educative television series. A lot of people are out of jobs now because of these telenovelas. Good script writers, videographers, lighting men and other important people who worked on these educative television series are nowhere to be found,” she said.

A number of players in the creative industry attended the Town Hall event. Other panel members at the programme, which was moderated by CEO of the Rave Group Ruddy Kwakye, included CEO of 3 Media Network, Sadiq Abdulai; Director of Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Mantse Aryeequaye; World President & Chairman of the International Advertising Association, Joel Nettey,  spoke on other topics such as the government giving funds to the creative arts and how the creative industry can make money.

The event was put together by the Creative Arts Agency in collaboration with Global Entrepreneurship Network – Ghana (Gen- Ghana) and had a number of industry players in attendance.


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