‘Di Asa’s’ PM puts huge backside on display [photo]


Precious Mensah, the winner of the plus-size-themed reality show, ‘Di Asa’, has been spotted in a new photo causing a stir with her rare pose.

In the photo, Precious Mensah, famed as PM, was seen modelling for a clothing line.

She appeared so excited as she poses for the camera and had so much fun while at it as the look on her face expressed her joy.

PM was seen in the photo wearing a sliver-themed skirt with some brown hemming overflowing to the ground.


She complemented the skirt with what looked like a spaghetti-themed shirt which had some sort of coffee-brown colour.

After posting the photo, she captioned it: “Let there be consistency in whatever you do and whatever you say. If what you think and say is mismatching with what you do, you can’t really be trusted.”

Many of her teeming fans also took to the comment section to adorn the plus-size queen with glowing comments.


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