Efia Odo and Archipalago fight dirty on social media over comment on her nude photo

Efia Odo and Archipalago
Efia Odo and Archipalago

It was a dramatic scene on Twitter when Efia Odo decided to give a reply to a comment made by  Archipalago on a nude photo she shared of herself exposing her left nipple.

The genesis of the social media brawl began when Efia Odo shared a photo of herself exposing her nipple. According to her, that was a photo she dedicates to her fans.


Archipalago, who was displeased with the photo and perhaps the negative influence it may have on the youths, made a video condemning the act and calling Efia Odo to order.


This comment by Archipalago clearly rubbed Efia Odo the wrong way who replied to him by saying he only becomes relevant by attacking people on social media. According to Efia Odo, the music career of Archiapalgo is more or less like ‘beans’; a music career that has not yielded anything worthwhile.

“You trend when you diss but when you release music it make beans, smh . Get your priorities together.”


This was a comment that certainly was a slap in the face of Archipalago. With so much passion burning inside of him, Archipalago replied Efia Odo by saying he is famous and relevant than all the boyfriends she has dated.

“None of your boyfriends and ex-boyfriends can ever make music like me or get the kinda fame I got!”


The comment above did not do the damage he had intended so Archipalago came back with a stronger reply in a bid to hit Efia Odo hard.

According to Archipalago, Efia Odo only trends when she goes naked but the same cannot be said when he features in movies. He added that Efia Odo will one day regret her incessant display of nudes on social media and thanked him (Archipalago) for straightening him.

You trend when you go naked but when you feature in movies it make beans!! How far is your so called career now!!! You will one day realize this and thank me for always trying to straight you!


Efia Odo’s sharing of her nudes on social media has become topical among a lot of concerned netizens who blast her for doing the unthinkable and sometimes outrageous pieces of stuff just to court attention and clout.

However, her fans will not have any of that since they always shower her with praise for satisfying their eyes by sharing revealing bedroom photos.




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