Exclusive: Emelia Brobey Tells How She Switched From Agric Teacher To Actress, Why She Is Still Single

Emelia Brobbey
Emelia Brobbey
Emelia Brobbey the Kumawood actress has revealed an aspect of her life most people in Ghana don’t know. That she was once an Agric science Teacher.
After school, she went to Kibi Teacher training college where she attained Teacher certificate A and her first station was Obuasi JHS complex where she thought Agriculture science and Asante Twi.
She got into acting when Bob Santo died, her hometown was close to where Bob Santo’s funeral took place.
She met Miracle films, Nana Ama McBrown and Daniel Adeleye when they came to the funeral and told Daniel Adeleye that she is interested in acting and she was asked to come to Kumasi.
She went to an audition at Kumasi cultural centre in 2002 and in 2003 her first movie came out “Tribal war”.
Then had another audition, and had her second role and that was how her acting career began.
“It was not easy from the beginning because I was combining both classroom teaching and acting but I had to decide on one, so I chose acting” she said.
She also went to GIMPA and attained Bachelor of human resource management whiles she was still acting in 2010.
But she thanked her dad for his immense support financially.
She was asked if she is dating. She said, “I am not dating and I am not searching too”
She didn’t give any particular reason why she is still single at her age and why she is not searching too.
But she said she is not too sure if she needs a man now.
But my advise to her is that she better search now because she is not growing any younger.
When she grows old, her children are the ones who support her and keep her company. So she better starts searching now.


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