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Funny Face apologises for slandering the Ghana Police Service after his altercation with them

Funny Face has issued an official apology to the Ghana Police service for slandering them after his little altercation with them.

After the comedian was involved in a bust-up with some boys in Kasoa and ended up firing 21 warning shots, Police went after the actor to arrest him.

Funny Face, who was supposedly resisting arrest was heckled by Police in the streets of Kasoa and was left with a black eye as Police manhandled him.

The comic actor, after spending a day in Police custody was released only to return home and sit behind a camera and disparage Ghana Police in an Instagram Live video.

Funny Face called the Ghana Police unprintable names in several of his videos afterwards and the actor after his discharge from a mental facility has apologised to the Service for his actions.

The Kasoa based comic actor in his apology mentioned that his actions were the result of his mental struggles at the time.

”I want to render an apology to the Ghana Police Service. From the IGP to the last constable. To the Cape Coast Regional Command and to the Pentecost Division, especially Millenium City Police. I am really sorry for an altercation I had with you people. I’m really sorry……. I was going through a lot,” he said.





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