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Funny Face’s Elder Sister Angrily Insults Kwaku Manu (Full Details)

Funny Face’s elder sister who has been identified as Lydia Boateng has dragged Kwaku Manu in the mud during her appearnce on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review by asserting that the actor-cum-vlogger is exploiting the childern’s president out of his predicaments.


According to angry Lydia, Kwaku Manu has made a terrible mistake for going to the Psychiatric Hospital to film Funny Face and his family and then posting the videos on YouTube for cash afterwards.


She further argued that Kwaku Manu is behaving like he loves Funny Face more than his family meanwhile he has no idea what they have gone through to try and solve the mental issue he has.


Pressing on, she additionally described Kwaku Manu as a big time opportunist for trying to make money off Funny Face’s mental illness.


Kwaku Manu is yet to reply to these wild accusations.


Source: Gossips24.com

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