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German-Based Wife of Joyce Boakye’s New Boyfriend Rains Curses on the Actress for Snatching her Husband

The German-based wife of a Ghanaian borga known as Nana has come out to rain curses on actress Joyce Boakye.

The woman, identified as Adwoa who has four kids with the said Nana, has had to watch as Joyce has been flaunting him recently as her new boyfriend.

Out of anger and pain, she’s now raining curses on Boakye.

Over the past few days, Joyce Boakye has painted Instagram red with love.

She claims she has found a special new man and has been flaunting him every chance she gets.

Recently, she even shared a video drooling all over him like a teenager who has now found her first love.

After outdooring the man initially by sharing photos with his face hidden, social media detectives quickly went to work and fished him out.

He was discovered as a Ghanaian living in Germany who is married with four kids and with multiple baby mamas.

Yet the shameless Boakye was now flaunting this married man as her new man!

After sharing a video flaunting him, social media users warned her to stop that foolishness because it would come back to bite her in the backside.

And that day is now here because the man’s wife is now raining curses on him and Joyce all the way from Germany.

According to Adwoa, she has given birth to four kids for Nana, all through surgery – and this is the thanks he’s now giving her.

She revealed she cannot give birth anymore due to her surgeries yet Nana is now dumping her for a b-list actress in Ghana.

She could not believe that he had left her and their kids to come and commit adultery in Ghana.

She bitterly rained curses on him for his actions and vowed God would not let his sins go unpunished.

Check out her posts attacking Nana and Joyce Boakye below…




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