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Hajia 4 Real Reacts To ‘Haram Photos’

Ghanaian socialite, Hajia 4 Real, has reportedly spoken out about her photos which are considered “haram” in Islam.

Hajia 4 Real, a Muslim by faith, is notorious for nudity, something that is proscribed by Islam. The beautiful socialite does not shy away from publicly showcasing her sultry boobs in tempting bikinis.

But in a video footage from her recent media interview, Hajia 4 Real admitted that she was a Muslim.

According to her, “I think religion is all about the heart, it’s not how you appear, it’s about who you are inside”.

She indicated that despite her appetite for nudity, she took her prayers seriously as a Muslim.

Hajia 4 Real Reacts To ‘Haram Photos’ 1

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