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Hajia Bintu Roasted After Shamelessly Advising Women to Use Juju to Snatch Men

Hajia Bintu seems to be causing some trouble today.

After coming from hibernation to debunk rumors that she is pregnant, this was what she had to say.

She is rarely seen doing anything other than flaunting her curvaceous body so this comes as a surprise.

Even if this statement is something she does in real life, it will not be expected of her to drag her followers into it.

Blogger aba_the_great posted a screenshot from Twitter from what seems to be Hajia Bintu’s Twitter page.


In the tweet she wrote “Don’t beg people to love you, use juju on them”

Her utterances did not sit well with the blogger and some of her followers and she expressed her displeasure in the caption.

She wrote “May God protect our good men and sons from such women in Jesus name, Amen”

The comment section was filled with people calling her an attention seeker and a woman with low self-esteem

Some went on to say she will be disgraced and advised women to pray for their men.


There were some who were on Hajia’s side and said they do not agree with the blogger because men are stubborn and women have to show that they are more stubborn.

The main gag is if Hajia Bintu who embodies the epitome of the “perfect body” by societal standards is doing juju to attract a partner, what should the rest do?

Maybe she is tired of being seen merely for her curves and wants something more than being infatuated by her physique.

That’s her claim to fame really so I don’t know how it’s going to work trying to rebrand to be taken more seriously by her romantic partners.

Maybe she can add actress to her bio? They all do anyway, even if the only acting they’ve ever done is to be a passerby on Obra.

Maybe adding actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist to her bio will get her someone to appreciate her so she doesn’t take the low way and do juju on them.

Try venturing into these staple slay queen side job market and let’s see how it goes girl.

Till then, leave people’s sons alone!



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