“He Lured Me Into His House, I Begged Him But He Refused”- Actress Iyabo Ojo Narrates Her Ordeal

Actress, Iyabo Ojo, has revealed she was brutally raped five times while growing up. The mum of two disclosed this in an episode of: “Bare it all with I Y.”

She stated that she was first raped at the age of 14 but refused to tell anyone because it was like taboo to be raped at that time.

Nollywood Actress, Iyabo Ojo, has revealed how she was raped by one of the armed robbers who invaded her husband’s house in Lagos, shortly after she got married.

Skinfish Actress Iyabo Ojo told her when she was young, some of the toughest stuff. The actress described five individual men as they grew five times and violently assaulted her. She made this revelation during her show “Bare It All With IY.” Actress Iyabo showed a few of her experiences from the past (dark and not like dark) but two days ago, when she grew up and was raped 5 times, she talked about her sensitive and painful experiences in the third episode. She never went down, but she decided to let it go so that no women were faced with the same battle.

challenges would know how to handle it.

Iyabo Ojo says she was raped not once, but five times. She decided to remind two of the stressful incidents, and she said that she would not talk about the other three. In this article we just talk about what she has told us in depth about how this happened to encourage others to take advantage of her experiences.

Actress Iyabo Ojo told the tale that she still lived in Obanikoro Lagos, that the man she did was her neighbor. They lived in the same region and he was a classmate of her first boyfriend’s, but he was older than he was. When the actress moved to Ikeja and held with her aunt until that fateful day, she was divided.

they met at a bus stop. Note: The Actress was almost 18 years old then and according to her that was the 3rd time she was raped.

On the fateful day she had gone to visit her grandmother and dad, the actress said she had returned from Obanikoro. She waiting to catch a Cab home when a car passed and then stopped. When she was in Obanikoro later, they exchanged pleasantry and became the man who used to be their neighbour. She told him that she had gone to Ikeja, and that man wanted her to drop.

When she was inside the car, the man told him that the actress had been well acquainted with Toyin Lane.

He told the actress that he wanted to show her where he was living on Toyin Street and that she was living with her aunty on Ikeja, not far from the Balogun Bus stop. She said she saw nothing there, since he was her former neighbor, at the time, and the mate of her boyfriend. So, she stopped her building.

She told the family that when they came to her house, he offered his food, but declined, telling them not to be famished. Suddenly, the man told him he still loved her until she started to meet Emmanuel, his boyfriend. The man started moving around her, angry and moving around.

She said she was fighting towards him and trying to push him away after the man came and tried to drag him. But the guy got back with his hail and stole his neck to the wall. She went up to one of the rooms to open a window and shout for aid. So she could stay still, he started slapping and hit her, but the actress said she could not stop crying until he had taken a knife out of the kitchen. At the time, she knew he would kill her and take her life if she kept fighting him. That way he could rape her.

He let her go after he saw what he needed. The actress told something she wanted to know about the actress.

she just couldn’t tell anyone until now. She said she was unable to tell her boyfriend then because he was a bad boy who could even kill that guy if she tells her. She says she doesn’t want blood on her hand, so she refused to tell him or anyone and instead, she broke up with him.

She also told how she was raped by one of the armed robbers who came home for robbery. The artist said she was passing through a lot as a child and left her heart with an everlasting scar.

You must protect people with a female child very much. Many girls have been defiled and their lives have been destroyed. Protect and avoid these traumatic experiences for your woman.

“He Lured Me Into His House, I Begged Him But He Refused”- Actress Iyabo Ojo Narrates Her Ordeal

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