HOT AUDIO: Richard Agu speaks on his relationship with his ex-girlfriend who wants to create confusion

Richard Agu has been trending on Facebook for the past two days after his ex-Girlfriend Comfort Blissgh accused him of duping him of 8000 Cedis and how she drained all her savings of 30,000 cedis. 


Speaking on the matter in an interview on Angel TV, Richard Agu stated empathically that she lady in question only bought a pair of socks for him when he was getting ready to enroll in the military school.

Richard added that when he was in the military training school which was just six months, there was Comfort didn’t spend a dime on him.

He said that Comfort is not employed so how can she say she has borrowed GHS30,000 to sponsor him?

“I met her in October 2020 so how can she say she spent that much on me within this short period? She doesn’t even know my house. The day we went to town to buy my things, all she bought was socks for me”, Agu said.

Meanwhile Richard and his fianceé are set to get married tomorrow 20th Obuasi.

Listen to the audio below;


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