Hot Video ! Coronavirus Patient ‘HEALED’ After Her Pastor Prayed Miraculous Prayer

A Coronavirus patient has been healed after her pastor, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin prayed miraculously for her.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin during one of his interactive online services tagged “Dreams, Interpretations and Solutions, DIS”  received a video call from a middle-aged Californian woman, Tyeisha, who is a Coronavirus patient and is currently in an isolation centre.

He then prayed with her and also asked her to provide a mantle for him to pray on

Just some few minutes into the call, the woman who was bedridden and clinging to her dear life, fully reliant on machines and assistance, took off her Nasal Cannula and began to breathe without supplemental oxygen!

While the online congregation was still reeling in shock and singing the praises of God, Tyeisha obeyed the command of the prophet and stood up and began to walk.

She walked about her room and even to the corridor as other patients and caregivers expressed their shock.

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