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Hot Video! Eddie Khae blasts Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene’s comments that most big artistes in Ghana do not promote younger ones is sparking a lot of conversations.

The latest celebrity to add his voice to what the Rockstar said is ‘Do The Dance’ hitmaker, Eddie Khae.

In an Instagram post, Eddie admitted that what Kuami Eugene said is true. He added that “It’s nice if we all promote each other”.

But in a sharp contrast, he blasted Kuami Eugene that even though he’s preaching a good message, he doesn’t practice what he’s preaching.


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Eddie Khae pointed out that he recorded ‘Do The Dance remix’ with Kuami Eugene but till now, he hasn’t posted it on his feeds, not even his story.

He went on to say that Kuami gets featured on songs and albums, but he won’t share them to create awareness to his followers. So it’s hypocritical of him to be preaching a message he doesn’t practice himself.

“Practice what you preach my Gee! Some one should tell him that Our new song is out , he should come and post and let’s clap for him! HYPOCRITE! Enobi Everything Man Dey wan talk!“, Eddie Khae’s caption read.


Watch the video below:









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