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I buy data to promote my self everyday-Enoch Darko.

Enoch Darko is a Ghanaian actor and a comedian ,he also a Model .He is now in Nollywood movies .Has given an advise to those emerging artist ,actors and actresses .

We are all on the street hustling with our Strytyzm customized T.shirt from Vinklot .kuddos to sir Vintage the CEO for Vinklot sunyani.

According to him ,he himself buys data in order to push himself. He said ,if you don’t push your self no one will .Even those who will volunteer to help will get tired along the line.

Watabomshell continue by saying that,he keep pushing himself day and night he don’t even sleep .

Because no one will help you so don’t depends on anybody ,keep doing quality work and push yourself along the line with your own data.Put in good effort and one day you shall reach there.

I buy data to promote my self everyday-Enoch Darko. 2

Source: Brainstormkenneth/Riddimsghana.com

RG Network/Brainstormkenneth

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