I did not monetize my music that much – Ben Brako

Ben Brako, a pioneer of modern highlife music, says although he is comfortable, he has not necessarily made enough money from his career as a musician.

According to him, music sometimes is not a consistent income-generating platform because sometimes you make money and at times, you do not.

He was responding to a question asked by the host of Rainbow Entertainment DJ Slash on whether he made money from music.

In his response, he disclosed he had other things that were generating money for him and did not rely solely on music

“Music is my passion and what I love to do. But I didn’t make my living dependent on it,” he added.

He said music could have been well paid for him but he did not really travel too much as he was restricted by taking of his family and had to pay attention to them.

He indicated he at a point realised he had to have other sources of income because he did not monetize his music that much.

In disclosing his journey to music, Mr Brako said he realised that he had the talent to sing and, actually sang at home and in school to entertain guests of his parents, as well as schoolmates.

Mr Brako had his Sixth Form education at the Tema Secondary School.

According to him, he wanted to pursue music as a career but his mother impressed upon him to work towards attaining a university degree before he went into music.

He graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ghana.

His first recording was released in 1985 but according to him, it was his second album, Baya, that made him very popular.

Mr Brako is married with five children.

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