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I Jumped Off A Storey Building Because Of Armed Robbers – Salma Mumin Shares Her Ordeal

What one would do in a case of armed robbers chasing him or her is not something you can immediately tell unless you are faced with a hapless situation.

For actress Salma Mumin, she could not think of anything better than jumping off a storey building. The actress told Nana Romeo in an interview that she had to do this one time in order to save her life.

The actress and fashion entrepreneur need not tell us how frightened that was for us to know how harrowing it would be.

Salma says when it happened, she was the only one in the house and for fear that she would be assaulted by them, she risked hurting herself by escaping than sitting, idle and dreading and waiting for them to find and do callous things to her.

“I once jumped off a storey building because of armed robbers.”

She told Nana Romeo that she prays she eventually forgets what happened that day because it has been something on her mind for a long time now.


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