I once converted to Islam for 7 years because of a lady I was in love with – Ghanaian Gospel musician

Ghanaian Gospel musician, Jeffrey Kwasi Boakye has shared his story of how he converted to Islam just to win the heart of a lady.

Although he was born into a Christian family, Jeffrey noted that he denounced his Christian faith to join Islam for peculiar reasons.

According to him, the decision to become a Muslim became necessary in order to survive because the Islamic home became his place of solace and his source of an eatery.

Jeffrey has disclosed that his conversion to Islam started with a relationship with a Muslim lady. The lady’s parents liked the relationship and decided to make him part of their home on the condition that he converts to Islam.

“I left Christianity for Islam because of this lady I was in love with. I had to follow her faith to keep the relationship,” he said.

The musician accepted to convert to Islam to have a home to feed besides keeping his relationship with the girlfriend. The relationship lasted for seven (7) years until the Islamic family relocated from Kumasi.

“For seven (7) years, I worshipped as a Muslim. My reconversion to Christianity happened when the Muslim family relocated from Kumasi. That was how I lost touch with them and came back to the Christian faith,” he revealed.

Against his family’s reservation, Jeffrey Kwasi Boakye started worshipping with the Islamic family and was even named Ishmael. A Buta, Tasba, Jalabia was bought for him and he enrolled in Karatu, a Hausa school in Kumasi.

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