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I Preach The Gospel With My Body – Musician Says

Ghanaian musician, Rhynie Simons has revealed that her dressing and physical appearance doesn’t stop her from doing the work of God.

The musician who is also of Nigerian descent and was born in America said he uses her body which is full of tattoos, her succulent boobs and her beauty to attract people to her church.

Rhynie made the revelation in an interview with Zion Felix on the “Uncut Show”.

She said she worships at Lighthouse Chapel. She added that she sings in church with her skimpy dresses and her pastor doesn’t complained.

Asked if her pastors don’t complain, Rhynie told Zion that her pastor said they should use their beauty to attract people to church, not to do prostitution.

She revealed that she has won a lot of souls with her body.


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