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I Saw Worms and Phlegms In Afia Schwar’s Water – Man Backs Twene Jonas Against Fufu Funu

The comedienne’s business might be on the verge of collapse after some allegations from Jonas about her sachet water company.

Jonas claimed that Afia Schwarzenegger uses snakes to produce her water!

His comments seem to be taking roots in people’s minds.

Another social media user has come out to claim that he has confirmation of what Jonas is claiming.

The gentleman, in a long video posted on social media, said he has been told by some people that they have found things in Afia’s water.

He claims a lady told him that she found a worm in a sachet of Afia Schwarzenegger’s QAS drinking water.

In another part of his video, he described a nasty story of someone finding her water looking as sticky as phlegm.

There is no way to determine the factual nature of what the gentleman is claiming but does it matter?

Once Ghananains believe something about you, it’s hard to remove that perception from their minds.

Jonas played Afia Schwarzenegger very well and she’s not even realizing it.

Watch the video of the gentleman making his allegations below…


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