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I Will Use My Life Savings To Get You Arrested – Kwadwo Sheldon Tells Kevin Taylor

Kwadwo Sheldon has taken to a video to send a warning to Kevin Taylor for threatening his life and has vowed to get the American Based Journalist arrested should he make his way to Ghana.

What caused the Utterance?

The reason Kwadwo Sheldon made this utterance was that Kevin Taylor bashed him heavily for leaking the private conversation between He (Sheldon) and Journalist Albert.

The leaked conversation led Albert’s employer at GHPage (A blogging platform) to sack him from work. Albert’s employer named Chris Handler allegedly sacked Albert based on poor performance and also actively searching for a job from a direct competitor. In Chris Handler’s explanation he started he didn’t want to block his attempts to further his career.

“You Can Insult My Head but Never Threaten My Life”

In Kwadwo Sheldon’s video, he addressed that Kevin Taylor had utterly insulted him especially targeting his head however he has no problem with that. He states that what Kevin Taylor must never do is threaten his life and that is what he has a problem with.

Kwadwo Sheldon states that Kevin Taylor threatened to get him shot, therefore he is going to hand over the case to the police and follow the case to the fullest.

He goes on to state that he is going to get Kevin Taylor arrested using whatever resources he has, even if it is his life savings.


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