It’s about time musicians unite to fix royalty payments – Reggie Zippy

UK-based musician, Reggie Zippy, has commenced an online campaign to fix the “porous” music royalties system in the country.

In a six-minute long video posted on Instagram, he said there are many music legends willing to work with musicians in the country but the royalties system makes it difficult to synergise on a project.

Reggie Zippy stated that to get the systems working it would take the help of all artistes across the country.

He explained that musicians sitting down and folding their arms will not do anything for them if they do not take matters into their own hands.

“You can also record your video as a creative person in support of this movement and share it online. We’re working behind the scenes for a better industry in Ghana,” he added.

The Virgin hitmaker explained that amid the Coronavirus pandemic, most Ghanaian creatives would lose out on funds due to lack of shows which, according to him, should not be so.

“I entreat my fellow Ghanaian artistes to be strong in this coronavirus era. I know it’s not easy, especially in the system where if you are not performing, you are not eating. I entreat all musicians to come together and realise we can’t go on like this,” he said.

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