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Kwesi Arthur reacts to arrest of his alleged girlfriend, Efia Odo

Kwesi Arthur is clearly not a man looking at how events have turned so sour against her defacto girlfriend Efia Odo.

The Tema-based rapper has heaved a sigh of disappointment at the state of affairs of the nation represented in the way Efia Odo and other 15 #FixTheCountry conveners were arrested by the police.

Apparently, Efia Odo and the conveners had breached a code of conduct at the precincts of the court by shouting and yelling “We go demonstrate.”

Kwesi Arthur has described the country as a sad one and called for the immediate release of Efia Odo. Many Ghanaians have also added their voice and believe the right of every citizen to demonstrate must not be impeded through force and legal gymnastics.





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