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Man catches his girlfriend sleeping with another man

A viral video has surfaced on social media that sees a man catching his girlfriend in bed with another man.

According to the information we gathered, the boyfriend identified as Asare was informed by some people that his girlfriend whom he lives with has been having an extra affair whenever he is out.

The informant then teamed up with the real boyfriend to expose the bad side of his girlfriend who he plans to marry one day.

So on the said day, the boyfriend announced to the yet to be named girlfriend that he was leaving for work but he rather went out to hide somewhere and surfaced after the other man has come into his house.

In the video sighted, the Asare could be seen tiptoeing into his room and ended up catching the two naked in the act.

Watch the video below:

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Feeling furious the real boyfriend beat the hell out of the other man who was been reffered to as Agyemang in the video.

The girlfriend on the other hand was seen begging for mercy from her boyfriend and another person who entered into the room with him.






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