Men do not approach me because they think I’m a transgender- Eno Barony

Ghana’s Rap Goddess Eno Barony has revealed that some men are afraid to approach her because they consider her a tomboy.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Eno disclosed that most men who are into her but cannot approach her think she is a transgender.

Eno felt this is so because of how good a rapper she is and her manly mannerisms in her music videos.

Rap is known to be a man’s sport, and Eno’s involvement and success as a rapper, according to her, scares men aware.

In an unofficial review of her song ”God is a woman”, Abeiku Santana asked if a line about men undressing her to find out what is underneath her toughie look was because of this challenge.

The rapper explained that she was not literally asking men to come and take her clothes off to find out if she was a woman or not but to clarify that misconception.

Eno asserted that she has never lost her feminity although she chose to play in a game dominated by men.




Source: Ghpage

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