My mansions worth more than Grammys – Shatta Wale

In every game, there are players who make other players look bad on account of their success and achievements. When Wizkid and Burna Boy won the Grammys last Sunday many artistes across Africa were under fire for underperforming in their crafts. Ghanaian music star, Shatta Wale was not left off the hook by Ghanaians who celebrated Nigerian music and stars who stood up for Africa with the great feat.

Obviously infuriated, Shatta Wale answered his Ghanaian brethren with caustic outbursts.

“ Enough is enough of Ghanaians insulting Ghana artistes. If you feel we don’t sing well, go and stay in Nigeria so they can sing for you. At least that will buy you a dream house. I have 5 mansions, my Grammy is my properties,” he said.

Literally, Shatta Wale may just be in order as the market worth of a Grammy plaque is not more than $1,500.+


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