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My Next Album Is Born Out Of Pain – Burna Boy Reveals

This next album. I need you to hear the pain in my voice, The pain of an OUTSIDER” BurnaBoy’s tweet reads.

Nigeria’s Grammy award-winning BurnaBoy has revealed his next album tells the story of his pain in the music industry.

The singer stated in a series of tweets, the travails and rejection he faced in the industry, these struggles are the premise of his next album.

My Next Album Is Born Out Of Pain – Burna Boy Reveals 2

Now it is clear why Burna had an album named OUTSIDE. He further added,

“I forever suffer. The full eyed masses hatred of anything they do not understand. I embraced my pain and turned it into the greatest weapon this world will ever know.”

We especially love it when an artiste can channel their emotions into their music, that’s where the deep and profound sounds come from.

So if you think Twice as Tall touched nerves, then you better brace up for what’s coming.

Source: sound lala

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